Why Your Marriage is Heading for a Divorce?

If you and your partner continuously are at logger heads at each other and never feel like reconciling then you may be sure that you are heading for a separation. The fight can be over financial matters, responsibilities, love life, spending, children or any issues which can be the flaring point.

Committing adultery

If you are seeing somebody else behind your partners back and do not feel attracted enough to have a fruitful sex life then you are definitely headed for a divorce. Committing adultery can be the tipping point for the marriage to head for a separation.

You sex life suffers

If you and you partner do not have the ardour of your early life and live on separate planes then it means that your marriage is on the rocks. If you sleep in the same bed without touching or even be intimate with each other, then your marriage is in trouble.

You stop going out together

You stop going out to family gatherings or social events together and make excuses for being alone then you need to be careful about your marriage. Couples who do not enjoy each other often become abusive in public which can be very scarring for each other. Many times couples become indifferent to each other and do not enjoy each other’s company thus paving the way for divorce.

Discuss about dividing the assets

It is important that you discuss with each other about dividing the marital assets. Child custody and visitation rights need also to be examined so that custody battles are avoided. Try to get the best and take only the things which would help you in charting a new course in life.


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