Why Arrange a Pre-wedding Shoot with your Bridesmaids

While the norm is to go for pre-wedding shoot with your fiancé, you can always opt to make it an all-girl’s affair.

Firstly, this is perhaps the last chance for you to get clicked with your best friends or siblings while you are still single and free to spend time as you like.

Secondly, pre-wedding photo-sessions introduce you to the process of professional photo-shoot so that you will know what to expect on your wedding day. Pre-wedding shoots allow both you and your wedding photographer to understand each other’s vision and possibilities. And since bridesmaids are going to figure prominently in important wedding photographs; it’s a good idea to get them acclimatized too.

Thirdly, pre-wedding shoots are like rehearsals. You and your bridesmaids can look at the photographs and determine the flaws in your makeup, hairstyles; poise, figure etc and take remedial measures. This will ensure picture-perfect wedding shots on your big day.

Things to Keep in Mind

It’s one thing to call up your friends and invite them to be bridesmaids and quite another thing to expect them to attend a pre-wedding photo-shoot with you. That is why you must ensure that everything is arranged in advance, including the photographer; theme; location; dress; makeup; timings and such on.

Selecting the Right Photographer

Pre-wedding and wedding photos must be done by the same photographer otherwise the very purpose of rehearsals/acclimatization is defeated. So always discuss with prospective photographers if they specialize in both pre-wedding and wedding shoots and if they have done pre-wedding shoots with bridesmaids before. Wedding photographers have the right experience who can offer invaluable tips to you and your bridesmaids on how to deck up and pose correctly.