When Buying an Air Conditioner for a Restaurant – part 2

Why air con installations  is so important. We started exploring in the previous post and ponder about it mentioning point like ‘the right size’ and ‘the ease of installation.

This post will talk about energy efficiency, so you might be able to user solar energy and install solar power panels Brisbane for maximum results and maintenance because when air con installations  is set it will need an occasional maintenance to continue and work for many years to come.

Efficiency Rating

You may spend a little more cash on a unit with a higher efficiency rating for your AC unit, but you will more than make up for this extra cost through savings in your electricity bill. Check if the air conditioning unit adheres to the environmental protocols set by your government.


Check how often you will need to clean the unit for maximum efficiency, and how easy it is to clean the air conditioner. Also inquire about the availability of service in your area for changing of refrigerant. Ozone-depleting CFCs are being phased out, so check where in your area your particular air conditioning (and its specific refrigerant) unit may be serviced.

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