What You Should Not Place in Storage Facilities for a Long Period of Time

When you need to move to places where accommodation may be a problem, or for that matter, where setting up a new home is not on your agenda, it might make more sense to store your belongings till you come back to your home city. One of the things that you should not place in a storage unit are the perishable goods.

Perishable Food Items

Most people are aware that perishable or any kind of food product should be disposed of, or given away. You can’t store eatables for unlimited or long periods of time. Some people may believe that it is okey to store sealed chocolates or certain kinds of packaged goods while they are away. Even if you are going for a period of six months to a year, it is still not advisable to put any eatables in the storage facility. It is safer and hygienic to give them away. You never know when the eatables may lead to a rodent or pest infestation after all. Once pests attack your belongings, it will be hard to save any of them.

On the other hand, when you are moving to another place, the carton is commonly used to place your belongings. When you are looking for cartons, you should:

Look at Porta Robe

If you are a woman or a man who prides himself on his sartorial choices, then a couple of porta robe packing boxes are necessary for your move. These useful objects have a strong metal bar placed across the top so that most of your suits, best dresses and party clothes can travel wrinkle free to your new home.

Check whether premium quality plywood is used for constructing cartons and extra soft butcher paper is used for packing high value items like precious china, fine porcelain figures, silverware and crystal ware. The removals uses appropriate cartons and packing materials depending on your belongings.

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