What You Need to Know about Building Inspections

You should expect detailed information about every aspect of the building in the building inspectors report. If there is any sagging or deterioration observed on the roof, it should be reported. Any flaking or missing bricks should be mentioned. Leaning chimneys should find a place in the inspection report.

Missing mortar patches, broken doors and windows, any bulging, peeling paint, status of the car-park upkeep, garden maintenance, any internal or external leaks, or wet patches should be mentioned in the report.

The Format

There is no standard format in which a building inspections Adelaide report must be submitted. In Australia, the report must comply with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1). The specific format of the report and the details contained in it would be influenced by the type and size of the property being inspected.

Building inspections Southern Highlands have their own standard format which they use for every report. Others may work off a checklist and subsequently prepare a report. Some may even include photographs. Others may add a word of advice in the concluding paragraph. Enough information should be included to enable you to make a decision regarding the purchase.

The Charges

Building inspectors charge a consultation fee for their services. The amount of fees charged will depend on the reputation of the building inspector and the size of the property.

Building Inspections

The exterior, the interior, the roof, underground space and the area should be within a 30m radius around the property. Exteriors may include car port, garden, garage, laundry, fencing, drains, and driveway. These are the lists need to be included in the inspection report.