What you Have to Know Before Hiring a Skip

Hiring a skip can be really confusing especially if you haven’t done this before. The companies expect you to know what type of skip you need, how many cubic yards, for what period and for what type of waste.

Reading on you will find the answers to the most important questions that such a company will ask you before you choose to skip hire services.

What skip size should I hire?

Skips come in many sizes, from 2 cubic metres to 30 cubic metres. The small ones, from 2 to 4 cubic metre are for small cleanups and small renovations, those from 6 to 9 cubic meters are for medium renovations and those bigger than that, up to 30 cubic metres are for construction sites and very large renovation projects.

How long can I hire a skip?

You can have a skip hire for an average of 2 weeks, but if you need to have the skip removed sooner or later you just talk to the company. You also have to think that the skip will be placed on a street for the duration of the skip permit, and you will also have to pay for the parking space. The longer you hire it, the more money you would pay.

What can you put in a skip?

  • Household waste (appliances, odds and ends, rubbish, furniture, light construction waste, metal, wood and gyprock)
  • Garden waste (leaves, branches, clippings and grass)
  • Bricks and concrete

What waste you are not allowed to put in a skip?

  • Tires
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Paint, oil, solvents
  • Electrical items (TV’s, fridges, microwaves, etc.)
  • Batteries
  • Plasterboard
  • Hazardous waste (explosives, asbestos, etc.)

What does the skip hire price include?

The price only includes the delivery of the skip, collection, and disposal. They do not provide any labor, although you might find some companies that might offer this service for extra. The prices vary from $185 for a 4 cubic metre skip to $385 for a 9 cubic meter one.

What happens to the waste?

It depends on the type of waste you have and what company you choose. Usually, skip hire companies try to recycle as much of the waste to avoid being charged for sending the garbage to the landfill. Some companies have their own waste processing facilities.

Why hire a skip?

If you have doubts about why you should hire a skip, here are some of the benefits of making this choice. Using a skip hire company is the most efficient, fastest and easiest way of getting rid of waste. You will not have to spend money on equipment and skips to take the waste out and transport it with your personal vehicle to the disposal depot. You will let a professional deal with this.

With a skip hire company you will make sure that all the waste is properly disposed of. Companies know exactly what to do with it, taking it to depots where it is recycled. SeeĀ http://www.gtskips.com.au/.