What Qualifications should your Criminal Lawyer have?

If you are interested in hiring or being a criminal defence lawyer, you must meet educational and various training requirements. A criminal defence lawyer is well educated and needs to pass the test requirement from the local association. A criminal defence lawyer typically has a bachelor’s degree in law possibly followed by extensive practice under a senior and many would also have a post graduate degree in law. It is also important for the lawyer to have extensive experience under the guidance of a competent criminal lawyer Sydney or as an intern at a law firm.

A law degree

A criminal defence lawyer has to undergo a four year old bachelor degree course to qualify to enter the profession. This degree is the minimum requirement that makes you eligible to appear for the bar examination. The colleges where you would pursue the degree course should be an accredited institution by the local bar council or else it may disqualify you to appear for the bar examinations. In college the subjects cover a wide variety of subjects including law studies, constitution, ethics and other subjects.

Further education and exams

After getting the degree a criminal defence lawyer needs to appear for the local bar council or association exam which would give you the license top practice law. This license only allows you to practice law within the particular region. This license examination is the first step towards your career in law. Criminal defence lawyers are required to pass the bar council examination to gain the license to practice laws. During the examination the student’s character assessment, evaluation and back ground checks are also undertaken.