What Phot Booth Rental Representatives Would Want To Tell You

Sure, there are many photo booth rental in Australia that can provide you the service you need anytime, although here is a tip, it is best if you make yourself aware of the things that photo booth rental representatives would want to tell you but due to circumstances, unfortunately they cannot.

Things that photo booth rental representatives would like to tell you but they cannot:

  • “Please follow instructions”

It is a must that participants on photo booth rental will follow instructions set by the representatives, ready when they say and make sure that they stay where they instructed. This will let participants get a good photo shot. They are experts, thus they know.

  • “Please don’t play with the machine”

Some may be holding the machine, camera or the computer, please do not, you might break it. Telling participants or guests to not touch the machine may come a bit hard since they want to hold on to respect and make sure no one will get offended.

But if they can only say to you, to stop touching things that you are not supposed to, they should told you.

  • “Fall in line”

Fall in line and do not cut and overtake. Everyone should learn to wait for their turn. Yes it is not easy to decline requests of other guests to take photo of them first, but unfortunately they have to.

  • “Return the props properly and do not break them “

Return the props properly and do not break them, treat them as your own and respect others who will also use them. You do not have assistant and it is a must that you respect the items being borrowed, they are not yours.

  • “Wait”

Wait for your turn and your picture print outs. Do not rush, it takes time to take your picture and print them.

  • “Give us tip, please”

They would be very happy if you give them extra. Giving them tip is a way of showing appreciation and as well as satisfaction of service they provide. A token of appreciation that they all surely would want to.

  • “We only follow instructions by our employer, if you want freebies, ask while you are getting the package not while we are on the site”

Please do not harass them or negotiate while you are on the party, they surely cannot decide as they are just employees. They are not in the position to give you your favor.

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