What are the Truck Accidents?

When the driver is going downhill, he depends heavily on the air brakes to control the truck. If the air brake malfunctions, then the driver will not be able to stop the vehicle resulting in uncontrolled driving which becomes a threat to the other vehicles on the road. Air brakes need to be constantly monitored as they may buckle under stress put by such a heavy vehicle.

Jack knife accidents

When the truck hits the brakes suddenly, if there is a box trailer loaded along with the truck, it will skid. Since the axle brakes are locked up, the trailer will only stop after it forms a 90 degree angle. The truck driver loses control when the trailer folds or jackknifes. These accidents often result in rollovers causing a lot of damage to the vehicles around.

Rear end collisions

These vehicle accidents occur when the driver fails to understand the braking limitations for larger vehicles. The heavier the truck, the more distance it needs to stop. When the truck driver tries to stop the speeding truck near a signal, it will ram into the vehicles ahead of it as it has to cover a certain distance before the truck can come to a stop.

Under-ride accidents

Out of a sudden, when the truck driver applies the brakes, the smaller cars behind the truck are in immediate danger. Unable to anticipate the brake, the smaller cars will continue to move forward and go under the truck. These accidents can cause massive damage to the smaller car.