Wedding Anniversary Party

If your guest list is serpentine and your home is not spacious enough to accommodate all the invitees along with the all the anniversary equipment and trivia, you always have options. You can make reservations in a hotel that is known for letting out suites for anniversary parties.

If a sizeable number of your guests are coming from out of station and they’d have to be put up for the night, then bargain for a package offer.

Try to book adjacent rooms. Start looking for a suitable venue at least three months in advance. And if you’re planning on having a very exclusive wedding anniversary party with a limited number of guests, no venue will be better than your home.

The Caterer

You might be enthusiastic about preparing and serving the fare yourself for the sake of economy and also because you’d want your invitees to treat them with meals cooked by your own hands. But that’ll leave with little time to attend to other aspects.

And if your anniversary venue is a hotel then it does not need to be stressed that you’d have to hire a caterer as you and your spouse will be engaged in attending to your guests. Your caterer should be able to rustle up dishes in your wish list. Request to taste samples in advance.

The Guest List

Draw up your guest list at least 4 months in advance right after you’ve fixed the budget. Mark your invitations with RSVP just to figure out how many guests will actually be attending. Provide your caterer with this info.

There are many other aspects that’ll need to be taken care of like the party supplies most of which you can shop for well in advance like candles, invitation cards and your anniversary gown or suit. Select a wedding photographer for the right photo-ops and keep the entertainment aspect in mind.