Way To Go To Your Own Video

Making a time lapse film requires numerous ways before achieving the better result. There are steps you need to do such as choosing the subject you will feature, shoot still photos, edit the photos, figure out the intervals, assemble the photos in a video, edit the video and put title and music background to the film. Choosing the subject depends on what you want to feature about. After you have chosen a particular subject, figure out how long you will do the project and how often you have to shoot the subject. This time, let us go deeper in the shooting still photos, editing of photos and the film itself. Here are some of the guides that will help you through.

Shooting the subject for the film making doesn’t really matter as long as you caught them the way you want them to look. Some people use point-and-shoot cameras, SLR camera, and webcams. Whatever means you use, it is recommended that you mount your camera using a tripod or you wedge it to create a custom base for it. Your camera should have little changes in settings while the shooting is going on. Here are some of important things to do before shooting time: you have to make sure the batteries are charged up, your camera’s memory have enough room, and do not leave your camera anywhere else, unattended. It may get lost from thievery.

If you are already done with shooting the needed photos for the film making, it is important to edit the photos so you can have a better result at the end of the day. This is the easiest part of creating a time lapse film. All you have to do is upload all the photos and edit them the way you want. Editing the photos may not be necessary all the time, but if you want to have some changes, like the saturation or brightness, on the photos you have taken, it is better to resort to this method. There are numerous photo editing software like the Photoshop, which is widely used today. When you are done, secure a copy of the original photo. After the photo editing, you can assemble the photos and create your own movie. You can choose whatever video maker you find comfortable to use such as the iMovie and Quicktime Pro. From there, you can edit the video and put effects and add title to it. When all is done, you can now upload your time lapse video and get some comments from friends and even online users. Now that you are done with the steps, you are sure ready to share your time lapse film to everyone.