Understanding the Different Methods of Termite Treatments

When homeowners find out about termite infestations in their home, they will find the best termite treatments right away. This is because if they wait longer, the termites will eat up all the wood in their home. They can consume up to 15 pounds of wood every week which is devastating. Termite barrier will inspect the property and find out which of termite treatments will be best for the situation:

Mechanical Alteration

Termite treatments that involve lowering of the soil level around a building’s foundation are called mechanical alteration. Other methods use in mechanical alteration is the removal of wood supports, wooden fences, and other termite entry points. Since termites thrive in moist places, termite treatments are also done by correcting the plumbing system, repairing roof leaks, adding rain gutters, and increasing ventilation.

Wood treatment

One of the most common termite treatments used by exterminators is wood treatment. It is done by applying termiticides directly to the wood that will be used in the construction of the building or to eliminate existing termite infestations on the affected part of the building.

If the wood is already damaged, termiticides can be injected to the wood. This termite treatment is more effected than just spraying termiticide on the surface.

Foundation treatment

Some termite treatments are applied only to the foundation elements of the building. This is done in order to create an obstruction so the termites cannot get in the building. This is done by drilling the foundation material and injecting the termiticides into them. Cracks may exist in some concrete footings hence foundation elements made of wood need to be protected from possible termite invasion by drilling and treating them with termiticides.

Baits and monitoring Systems

The most recently introduced termite treatments are done with the use of baits and monitoring systems. Termiticide baits are able to diminish the size of the colony but they are not able to create barriers around the building. These are slow acting potions or insect growth regulators that can eliminate the use of liquid insecticide.

Home and building owners should always remember that prevention is always better than treatment. They should follow the tips given by termite inspection Brisbane so they reduce the risk of having a property that is infested by termites.