Types of Safety Clothing

Buying good quality safety clothing is of utmost importance. They have to be checked for pertinence to international standards and quality requirements. It is equally important to check for any tears, leaks or damages in the safety garment as any flaw would defeat the whole purpose of providing complete safety.

Following are some personal protection equipment used in various industries.

Goggles and face shields protect your face and eyes from injuries occurring due to metal particles, sand and woodchips.

Wearing earplugs and earmuffs are advisable at workplaces emitting high decibels of noise.

Harnesses are worn to prevent falls at high altitude and fall prone places like construction sites.

Leather jackets, snoods, wrist guards and caps provide protection against welding spatter and radiant heat.

Heat resistant clothing made of durable aluminised aramid , parrawool or worsted wool gives protection against direct heat and high temperature environments .

Chemical resistant boots, aprons, gloves, shirts and pants are worn at workplaces with high chemical exposure.

Gas masks are worn to prevent the worker from inhaling pollutants and harmful gases let out in the factories.

High visibility clothing has to be worn if you want to be visible regardless of poor visibility conditions. Poor visibility in such work environments is due to a lot of movement or moving machinery or poor lighting and weather conditions. Visibility clothing is classified as D (daytime), N (night-time), and D/N (daytime/night-time) as per Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4602:1999 High-Visibility Safety Garments. They are made of fluorescent and retro-reflective material.

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