Types of Forklifts

Fork lifts are small trucks that are used to move heavy load from one place to another. But appearance is deceptive. These little trucks can lift load worth thousands of pounds. The steel blades can be used It is particularly helpful in moving furniture. So often, forklifts are used while moving from one home to another. Forklift vary widely in terms of structure and fuelling.

Standard Truck

These are big, strong forklifts that are commonly seen in warehouses. It has long, sturdy blades. It can carry any weight ranging from three thousand to four thousand pounds and can lift loads up to a height of twenty feet.

Reach Truck

Reach trucks run on electricity. They are narrow-aisled and are designed in a unique way for pallet storage. Its blades can lift cargo up to 40 feet. But this is not a heavyweight truck. If your priority is shifting huge loads from one place to another in a short span of time, this is not what you want.

Walkie Riders

This is a very different kind of forklift. It’s nothing like the previous two. This is designed in such a manner that you don’t even need to drive the truck from within. You can simply walk beside the moving truck and still control it.

Turret Truck

These types of forklifts also have a narrow aisle like the reach truck. But a turret truck’s special feature is that it can lift the load as well as the truck operator and can swing the forks at a right angle on both sides equally well.

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