Types of Driveway Paving Materials

When it comes to driveway paving, there are a lot of materials that you could use to make your driveway stand out and look amazing.

  1. Stamped concrete driveways

Stamped driveway paving Perth material is usually made to look as if some other material like bricks or stone was used to make the pavement. During the making of stamped concrete, the molds are made while the concrete is still wet. The illusion created by the stamped pavements is one that plain concrete cannot make. This paving material is great because it is durable and complements the decor of the home depending on the shape chosen and the color used.

  1. Plain concrete

Plain concrete is perhaps the simplest of all types of paving materials used on driveways. It involves just pouring plain concrete to the ground and letting it dry. Of all driveway paving methods, this is the simplest and the one that requires the least maintenance. The labor involved in making plain poured concrete paved driveways is not as much as that used in other materials. Because it is low maintenance and it can last for decades without having to be changed, it is the simplest and most preferred.

  1. Asphalt

This is also another common paving material that is used when it comes to driveway paving. It is loved because it can last up to 30 years without being maintained. However after several it has to be resealed. When its life expectancy period is over a home owner will have to consider replacing it or removing it. Therefore when installing it, one needs to consider whether they can afford the maintenance required or not.

  1. Interlocking pavers

They are made of concrete or cements and are shaped such that the blocks interlock with each other. Because they come to a home owner already made, they are the easiest to install because no mortar is needed. They can be shaped in many ways to create that personalized look every home owner is looking for. It is however important that they are made in solid base so that they do not crack or move creating a space between them. They are however porous and will require pressure washing to remove tire and oil marks.

  1. Tar and chip

This is a great and cheaper alternative to asphalt. It however is not as appealing or as smooth. Usually gravel is poured in the driveway and the particles are joined when hot tar is poured on top. Roller equipment is the used to press the materials. Repaving is also less expensive than replacing\ asphalt.

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