Types of Business Stationery that Should Look Similar

Business stationaries are important marketing tool to every business. You can communicate your events, promotions and others through these marketing tools. Apart from getting the business card printing done, there are other stationaries too which need to look similar to the business card or your company logo. These business stationaries are given a similar look so that the brand can be identified by any customer just by looking at the colour combination, logo or the tagline. Here are a few business stationaries which should look similar.

Business Cards

As already discussed, business card designs have your details like the name, contact number, address of the company, your designation, company logo and others. The card should always be consistent with the company logo and tagline, as people identify you or your company by it. Also because these are shared with other corporates too, who can be your potential customers.

Letter Heads

Letter heads are used for both internal and external communication. These are used to share official documents, authorized materials, deals and other important things. Though you can’t make them look fancy, they should be consistent again. They should have the company logo and same combination of colours.


Brochures can be single pages, bi-fold, tri-fold or more. The length of the brochure depends on how much information you want to share with your potential customers. Brochures need to look similar as you are sharing company information, vision, mission, services and other important information with your customer. They have to replicate the logo, colours and other styles exactly to make a mark.


Company envelopes are not exactly similar but still can be included in the list of similar looking business stationery. Envelopes are used to send official and non-official documents to customers and other corporates. Though they are not very fancy in style, they carry the same colour combinations and the company logo for easy identification.


Banners can again be of varying sizes, depending on the requirement. Banners need to look similar especially because they are used to advertise an offering somewhere, represent the company in an event or trade show, used to inform about a special offer, or simply to make sure the company is not forgotten. They need to be exactly similar like a brochure or a business card. A loyal or a potential customer will recognize your company from far if he has seen the banner somewhere else too.

Personalized cards

Sometimes, you would want to send personalized Christmas cards, birthday or special events card to a customer. Though you can play with the content and card design, a major part of the card should look similar to other business stationary. So next time you are thinking of business card printing service, make sure you are ready to copy the same style on other important business stationery too, and communicate it to the vendor.

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