Top Tips on Treating and Controlling White Ants

White ants can bring major devastation to wooden parts of your house. These white ants create large nests and colonies in hidden areas in your home so they are hard to locate. There are many ways to treat these white ants but most of them may require the help of an expert terminator of  White Ants Gold Coast.

• Remove firewood, wood shavings, and other piles of wood found in and out of your house. This step will help you in preventing the entrance of white ants to your house.

• Check your house for any leakage in pipes and plumbing. This will keep water and moisture away from your home. White ants are attracted to moist areas so make sure that you don’t have any open water sources inside your home and even your backyard. Use dehumidifiers in areas around your home that may become humid like the basement and the attic.

• Use physical barriers like concrete slabs that white ants can’t chew through. Placing them around the edge of your house prevents white ants from entering your house through cracks in your wood foundations. Some other physical barriers you can use against white ants are wire meshes, metals, and crushed rocks or pebble.

• Have your home inspected regularly for white ants invasion during the summer season when most white ants start to attack. Treating white ants as early as possible will make the task easier and more effective.

• Invest in an effective white ants control system. Strategically place them in areas where white ants may enter. Pest control systems are a great way to get rid of white ants because they are filled with poison that the white ants will take back to their nest.

• Install a good reticulation system that will prevent the entry of white ants into your home. Reticulation systems also detect and eradicate white ants even when they have already entered the premises of your private abode.

It is important for a home to stay termite-free so that the people living in it are safe. Make sure that you control and treat white ants properly. This is only possible if your termite treatment is centered on eliminating the queen of the colony.