Top Three Scenic Wedding Areas in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a country that’s well known to have the types of people that really stick to their religion and culture. The people that live here are also known to be very hospitable when it comes to their guests, and they will make sure that they will be able to have celebrations that are awe inspiring to many people. Weddings are of no exception, and that’s why some investors have decided to build venues that are near the most epic sceneries that you can imagine. They also made sure that they have perfectly landscaped these places to be very accommodating for their guests.

These places are not just good for locals, but for sure those that want to get married on a different country for a change is also great as well! These five places in Southeast Asia are known to be the best and most scenic places that you will ever visit, and wedding photographers consider these places as hot spots for marriage. Here are the three venues:

Six Senses Samui

Wedding photographers will surely love this place in Thailand. This is truly a marvelous creation of the world, and rest assured that you will be able to experience a luxurious wedding event once that you try this place out. There are lots of 5 star spots on this venue, and there are also lots of villas that are perfect for open area wedding receptions because there’s a beach nearby. Picture taking will be like no other once that you visit this amazing place in Thailand.

Casabrina Vacation Villas

This place is known to be an amazing abode that lies within Malaysia. The peaceful surroundings of the villa made the place really accommodating and romantic because most romantic events are being held in places that have nature’s embrace. There are lots of trees that surround this modernly designed villa so that you can enjoy the perfect moment with your loved ones and that sweetheart of yours. Wedding photographers will surely love to take a picture from the inside and the outside because everything has a touch of modernity and nature’s creativity!

El Nido, Palawan


Photo :

If you want to visit a very peaceful beach in Southeast Asia, then it’s best to visit El Nido in the Philippines. This place has many white beaches, islands and there’s a huge and clear body of water that you will surely love to look at. Marriage is also perfect to do in this place, and rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the life of romance that will produce picture perfect memories as you take a trip by boat or by land in the beautiful surroundings here in El Nido. Many photographers that are local and foreign in the Philippines love to take an adventure in this place as well!

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