To Marry or Not to Marry – Difference between Marriage and De Facto Relationship

Long lasting love and commitment are the very foundations of a satisfying and content life. To experience all the joys of companionship you need a loving and steady partner but many people are debating the relevance of marriage as the only option open in front of them, Modern single individuals are hesitant about proposing because they feel that marriage is not the perfect solution or a pressing priority for them.

Reasons for apathy towards marriage

Many single individuals put off marriage and opt for substitutes like live in relationships, casual serial flings and open relationships. Social research indicates that people belonging to the “baby boomer” generation are more apprehensive of the concept of marriage than Gen Y people.

The apathy towards the institution of marriage can have a number of reasons but the predominant influencer seems to be a disturbed childhood spent in a broken home. The pain and anxiety of being in an uncomfortable situation where both the parents are constantly quarrelling remains fresh in the mind and the individual feels negative towards marriage.

Overexposure to serial casual relationships and earlier experiences of failed first marriages are other deterrents.

In this context it’s important to understand the basic relationship between living relationships and proper marriages. Inspecting the relevance of the wedding ring and the legal marriage certificate will give you a better idea of the intricacies of family law.

Family lawyers can explain the intricate details of property settlement laws and other issues in case a problem arises.