Tips to Understand More about Property Matters Post Divorce

The recent statistics say that almost half of the couples who get married contemplate divorce at some point or the other. With increasing stress levels, demanding work life and so many social obligations, divorce has now become a sad ugly reality for many people. The problem is that when you are married for a long time then your finances keep getting tangled together. The main dispute post divorce decision becomes “who gets what?”

Separation and property division

As and when a relationship comes to an end the partners have to sit together and discuss about division of their resources in a reasonable way. The distribution and the decisions made should be such that both partners are satisfied and can move about their individual lives in a happy way. Sometimes family lawyers recommend selling off the joint property and dividing the cash between the couple as taking decisions about property division is not very easy for a separating couple. Looking for a family lawyer? Contact the family law Brisbane.

Property and de facto couples

De facto relationships include live in partners, same sex partners and partners who have not been married but are living as man and wife. These couples have to first satisfy the eligibility criteria in the Family Law section before they can claim any benefits.

The family law court will look at the length of relationship, nature of the joint life, presence of sexual relationship, commitment levels, involvement of children, public status of relationship etc. All these criteria are detailed in section 4AA (2) of the family law act. Based on these factors and the opinion and wishes of both partners the family law court will take a decision.

For any legal family matters, it is best for you to contact the family provision lawyers.

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