Tips to Keep in Mind when Buying and Choosing AC Motors

The national electric code is responsible for drafting most of the specifications which are applicable in designing and manufacturing an electric motor. AC motors or alternating current electric motors are used in a lot of highly critical areas like oil and petrochemical industries as well as heavy engineering industries. If you are buying or choosing electric motors for the first time then these tips will make your choice easier.

Relationship between temperature and ignition point

There are about 6 temperature classes from T1 to T6. The maximum superficial temperature for class T1 is 450 degrees wile class T6 has a maximum temperature of 85 degrees. The ignition point of the T1 class of electric motor is more than 450 degrees while the class T6 motor is combustible at a temperature above 85 degrees. Always check the class of AC motor you need for your set up as buying the wrong kind of temperature class motor is potentially dangerous.

Look at the clutch brake units

Look for ETA who can manufacture completely electro magnetised clutch brakes with compact sizes and an enclosure which has IP54 specifications. The clutch brakes are available in all kinds of sizes right from 63 to 132 and the clutch units actually stop the unit from constantly starting and then shutting down.

Check out the mechanical speed variators

The variators in electric motors should have an n built reduction system. The reduction rate should be strong enough to reduce a 4 pole long motor to 1000 rotations per minute. The speed variation ratio should be around 6.5:1 so that there is a great range of speed.