Tips to Follow When Participating in an Amateur Waterskiing Competition

Never underestimate your chance of participating in an amateur water skiing competition just because it is not a professional event. While winning loads of prize money is important, sometimes it’s more important just to participate and enjoy the thrill of this exhilarating water sport. A little preparation beforehand is however essential if you genuinely want to understand the thrill and adrenalin-pumping experience offered by this wonderful water sport.

Getting Started

A lot of clubs organize amateur competitions throughout the year where amateurs and general enthusiasts can participate by enrolling themselves beforehand. Search for something similar in your area and find out all about membership fees, enrolment procedure and schedule for the next meet. Even amateur competitions are divided into segments depending on the participants’ age, level of expertise and comfort factor. This is something you must check as it will be both unsafe and unsuitable for you to ski with participants from other groups. You can always join onsite for a particular competition even if you are not a regular member. Remember to use also the appropriate water skis according to your level of expertise.

Readying your Equipments

Amateur competitions will require you to bring along your own equipments so this is something you should keep in mind. If this is your first competition or if you are a beginner, carry a pair of combination skis. Seasoned skiers can carry their trick skis or slalom skis. You will also need a sturdy polypropylene rope whose grip should match your size. Always be careful to use only the rope that you feel comfortable with as this will be your lifeline while skimming over the water at top speed.


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