Tips on Choosing Furniture Upholstery for Garden Chairs and Outdoor Seating

Garden chairs or the chairs which are placed in the outdoor areas have to be covered with smart choice of upholstery to make them look neat and new as always. Just selecting any random fabric with which you fell in love in the first look might not always be a good option. To help you with this, get the service of the Furniture Upholsterer in North Brisbane.  So here are a few tips which will make your selection process more interesting.

Fabric features

Chairs placed outdoors tend to look faded and wrinkled in a very short period of time as the conditions are prone to moisture, dust, sunlight and other elements. To prevent this from happening, you have to take a little time and go through a few varieties of fabrics.

The best fabric for upholstery is one of acrylic or a polyester material, which is manufactured with the new technology of screen printing which surely makes it highly preferred by many. The screen printing reduces the risk of fabric fading and also comes with a coat of water resistant guard, which makes it safe to be used outdoors. This helps in maintaining the chairs for a long time and also reduces the chances of the fabric shrinking and mildew or fungus forming on the cushions. Replacement of the fabric time and again need not be worried about with the choice of right fabric.

Colour scheme

As outdoor chairs or garden chairs are exposed on a continuous basis to the sun, cold climate and rough weather conditions they tend to fade eventually. During these times, choosing the colour wisely is a good option. Dark colour such as navy blue or black which have small patterns fade pretty quickly when compared to softer tones of coloured fabric. You could also be wise and cover up your dark fabric with a lighter tone of cloth when the chairs are not used on a regular basis and want them to be clean.

Professional house painters can help to transform your house. Proper paint color for your home interior should match your  furniture.

Like furniture upholstery, timber flooring should be polished every once in a while.