Tips in Decorating for Your Wedding Reception

You must keep in mind the kind and number of guests you are inviting for the wedding. If the guest list comprises mostly of a younger crowd, they would probably like to spend more of their time dancing so you can have a few couches and chairs and not indulge too much into wedding furniture hire Perth. However, if you are expecting more aged people it is advisable to have low tools for providing them comfortable seating. You must ensure that there is enough space for the number of invitees, don’t crowd your venue with too much party equipment.

Colour scheme

You can make bland armless chairs look beautiful by draping them in white satin cloth and putting ribbons around them. Cover the tables in the same shade of cloth as the colour scheme of the rest of the reception hall or restaurant. You can jazz up the look of the small table for cake by spray painting it in bright romantic colours to make it look unique. Most party equipment hire can create themes according to your requirement.

Unique element

To add a unique touch to your buffet table, you can place a glass jar of fresh fruit which would serve as a refreshing and unexpected centrepiece in contrast to a wooden one. However ensure that the centrepiece does not obstruct visibility and is low enough for guests to converse comfortably. Also to add a more personalised touch you can place a long buffet table instead of several small ones. Specially monogrammed napkins add a lovely special touch to your party.


You do not need a very well stocked bar at the wedding. Few drinks like red wine, white wine, basic cocktails and sparkling wine are enough choice and are also economical. Also stack non alcoholic drinks for kids and abstaining adults.

Now, food is very important part of your wedding day, make sure that the catering service will be able to cater to the number of guests you have. Hiring a wedding caterer with a good reputation should impress most of the people on that special day.