Tips For Repairing A Toilet

Every homeowner may experience toilet issues from time to time. However, repairing it is certainly not easy. That is why there are so many plumbing services to help us. However, with proper knowledge, anyone can fix some simple toilet plumbing problems.

What do we need to repair a toilet? The answer is easy: plumbing tools. You need to know about the basic tools first. If this seems too much for you then call your nearest plumbing company and get a quote for a toilet repair.

Now for those who are willing to do simple repair job by themselves, they need to know what kind of task they can handle. Usually, a leakage can be repaired by anyone. When there is water leaking under the tank, you will have to check the bolts under the tank and tighten them. If there is any crack in the tank, then it is time to replace it.

When there is water in the bowl, you know that the wax gasket has failed. You need to consult a plumbing company. They have the necessary plumbing tools/

Another problem that can be solved by a novice like you is when there is water leaking through the handle. You will have to check the overflow pipe, water intake assembly, and the float ball. If the float ball is higher than usual, bend its arm and place it in the correct place.

There are also occasions when something blocks the drain. A plunger is a thing that comes to mind, right? Here is what you should do. Make sure that the bowl is half full then use the plunger in a fast pace for more than ten times and see if that gets it unclogged. If that does not work, what you need is an auger. Use it carefully and later on, use the plunger once more. If this still does not work, then should seek the help of a professional plumber as they have the plumbing tools that are needed to clear the pipes below.

A brand new toilet is not cheap. However, a replacement is another thing that can be done by anyone. First, check the size of your toilet and go to the plumbing supply shop and get the exact size. If you do not know how to measure the size of the toilet, take a picture of it and write down the model number, and show it to the shop owner. That should get you the right size.

However, if the problem seems to be too complex for you to handle, then it’s time to call a professional. Call plumber Brisbane for expert help.