Tips for Making the Most of Your Commercial Fridge

Of all the commercial refrigeration units you have in your restaurant or food catering business, the fridge is without doubt the most valuable of them. A commercial fridge is indispensable in adding value to your services, as it stocks your processed and semi-processed food items and preparation in a ready to use condition for days on end. So it goes without saying that you’d need to take proper care and maintenance of your refrigeration unit irrespective of whether it is a walk-in or a standalone refrigerator. You can follow the tips mentioned below to keep your unit in a running condition for years on end.

Switch off the power

This is more of a cautionary guideline rather than a prudent tip, but nevertheless it helps. Always make it a point to switch off the electrical supply or power before you can get started. This recommendation should be followed not only while you’re cleaning your refrigerator but any other kitchen appliance in your commercial kitchen that uses electricity.

Always have help at hand

Cleaning a commercial fridge is an elaborate affair and it is not akin to cleaning a mixer grinder for instance. Cleaning it manually gives the best results as your hands can reach nooks and crannies where machines can’t. But always make it a point to rotate the process of cleaning so that the task is carried out effectively. Always keep in mind that two extra hands always come handy.

Clear away food

Before you can get down to the actual cleaning process, be sure to clear away all the contents inside your refrigerator.

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