Tips for Choosing a Wedding DJ

Gone are the days where you had to hire a DJ (Disk Jockey) and a MC (Master of Ceremonies). Nowadays, your DJ is your MC and your ‘go to’ man who will be responsible to run the entire show from start to end. Choosing a wedding DJ requires just more than paying. Not getting the right DJ can play havoc with your wedding party and you definitely don’t want people to remember your special day that way.

Find a personal DJ

A professional DJ will take charge and ask to meet you a few weeks prior to the event. When you sit face to face with your DJ, you can assess his personality and explain everything that can’t be explained on email. You can match your expectation with your DJ and make sure that he plays music that your crowd expects and not some hip-hop that nobody will enjoy.

Since, your DJ is a professional and you are most probably new at such an event, it is only fitting that you are nervous. A good DJ  will explain the entire party’s schedule and put you at ease, since he already knows how things unfold in a wedding party.

Spend well for a good DJ

A party is only as good as the music played. There are many private self-proclaimed DJs who will charge you less than half of what a professional DJ charges. However, what you will get will not necessarily be of top quality.

Video production is becoming popular for events like birthdays, weddings and others.


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