Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing Coloured Lenses

There may be a variety of reasons for opting to wear a contact lens but a coloured contact lens combines the benefit of medically improved eyesight along with added aesthetic value. You can opt for a whole range of eye colours starting from subtle tints to bold looks and crazy rock star looks. If your contacts are event specific then you can colour coordinate with a particular occasion or outfit.

Types of coloured contacts

There are two main divisions of coloured contact lens; prescription contacts and Plano contacts. Prescription contacts are a medically enhanced type of contacts which cure myopia, hyperopic and astigmatism. The contact lens is colour tinted in a way that enhances your natural eye color highlights and completely changes it. You can try out a range of coloured dummy lenses to see what colour suits your eyes the best.

Plano contacts are purely aesthetic enhancers as they are zero power contacts. They are lighter in construction and do not offer any vision advantage. Just about anybody can try out and use contact lenses to see whether it suits them. Many people are allergic to contacts so you must run an allergy test or a trail run before you actually make the decision of buying contact lenses online for the first time.

Costs associated

The costs of contact lens (coloured ones) are at least 20%-40% higher than the normal contacts. However the aesthetic benefits are huge as the contacts enhance the appearance to a large degree especially when the eye colour is dramatically changed. The basic concept of colour lenses is that the middle area of the lens is made to mimic the iris of the eye. Since the iris of the average human has a lot of shapes and lines the lenses also have concentric circles composed of tiny dots, radial lines, multicolour concentric lines etc. All these different type of colour and line arrangement will give the eye a completely different look. Only the center of the lens i.e. the pupil is left clear so that you can see the world through your new eyes.

Different tints to choose from

You can choose from three different varieties of tints while choosing contact lens. Visibility tints are usually available in light green or blue and they help the lens become slightly more visible. If you have naturally blue or green eyes then the colour will be enhanced and there are no other aesthetic benefits. These lens cost less than enhancement tint lenses.

Enhancement tint lens have a translucent tint in them and this helps the natural colour of the eye to be highlighted. This is good choice for you if you want to brighten up your eyes but you basically like your existing eye colour.

Opaque tints are meant to change the eye colour drastically as it is a non transparent tint. In case you have dark eyes but want baby blue ones then opaque tints are the perfect solution for your needs.