The Various Skylight Types that you Should Know About


It’s a well known fact that skylights are guaranteed to be one of the best hardware that you can ever purchase so that you will be able to have a better look for your home, and so as a better function as well. These types of hardware are known to be good for the sake of allowing light to get inside your home, for your house to have a better quality design, and so as ventilation to save you some electric bills from increasing.

There are various types of skylight that you can purchase, and rest assured that these have various functionalities, and not just advantages. Here are the different types of skylight that you may way to get:

Fixed Unit

This type of skylight consists of a structural perimeter frame that’s non operable. This means that it’s totally fixed, and will never be used to open. This is just perfect for the sake of lighting up your room during the day. Therefore, there will be no ventilation features. This is good for design purposes as well.


This type of skylight is known to have a sash attached to it, and is supported by a type of frame. This is adjustable to open and be closed if you want ventilation, and provides a nice view of the sky even when closed. This is often called as a roof window, and can also be used as a passage if you have a hangout space there above your home.


This type of hardware is known to be used for commercial buildings only, and not for homes. This type of roofing hardware is known to be a skylight, and is often used for the sake of a good design especially if you want a dome shaped building. This is good for applying skylights on hallways and wide areas which is why this is perfect for commercial purposes only.


This type of skylight is known to be one of the best in terms of design because it provides you a set of tracks that are off frame. This will provide you a decent way to have an open space inside, and will guarantee you a good design as well. This is also called as retractable roof as well.


This is simply a type of skylight that’s well designed to provide an open space to allow daylighting and ventilation. However, this is not a good choice for most houses especially if you’re located on a place that rains often.

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