The Variety of Dried Fruit Available in the Market

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Daily consumption of fruits is recommended by medical practitioners because fruits are great sources of potassium, vitamins, and fiber. However, not all fruits are readily available because some of them are seasonal, like berries. In temperate countries, fruits are not as aplenty compared to temperate countries. Dried fruit that can be found in supermarket stalls and online shops is as good and beneficial as fresh fruits. The dried fruit comes in varieties and you have many choices. Below are some samples and all these are delicious and very high in nutritional values:

1) Semi-dried tomatoes- if you think that tomatoes are vegetables, they are actually not. Tomatoes are fruits and they can be dried and used in many delicious cuisines. Dried fruit tomato can be mixed with some vegetables like eggplant and bell peppers for a delicious pasta recipe. These dried tomatoes are very rich in lycopene which has some anti-oxidant properties that can prevent cancer cells from forming.

2) Assorted dried fruit- immediately after harvest, fresh fruits that will be marketed as dried fruit undergoes drying process immediately. This is done in order to preserve the nutritional values of fresh fruits. Sugar is not added so as to retain the true taste of the fresh fruits. These dried and tasty fruits are great eaten as it is and they are good energy boosters. For active individuals, they can just open a pack and eat the dried fruit and in an instant, they will feel invigorated. Kids will also enjoy the great taste because they are naturally sweet and has a smooth and velvety texture, especially dried mangoes and pineapples. Dried bananas that are marketed as banana chips are better than salty and oily chips. The crunchiness of the banana chips are very appealing to all ages.

3) Fruit powder- dried fruit can also be turned into fruit powder. The fruits that have been dried are crushed until they become powdery. Just add some cold water and you can have a refreshing and nutritious fruit juice in an instant. No sweeteners are added and you can just taste the natural flavor of the fruits. Fruit juices are the healthier alternative to soft drinks which have a high sugar content level.

Now you can enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits in the form a dry version. The nutritional value is the same and you can take it with you anywhere.