The Importance Of Building Approvals

A building approval is an important document that proves that all necessary rules and regulations have been adhered to while designing and constructing a particular building. The permit also lays down all stipulations to be followed by different service providers associated with the construction process under different sectors such as plumbing, electricity, general construction etc. The permit is therefore a document that the government uses to enforce a uniform standard of construction in an area vis-à-vis materials used, design, layout structure etc. This is of utmost importance if all buildings in an area are to be constructed in a safe manner without exception. With building permits being made mandatory, there is less risk of illegal construction or of unsafe buildings coming up haphazardly anywhere and everywhere.

As a homeowner, it is your legal duty to get the necessary permits yourself by applying beforehand at the designated department. However, builders sometimes take care of such legal issues on client’s behalf so this something you must check before finalizing the contract. In case you are carrying out a building renovation or construction without the necessary permits, the local authorities can always issue a ‘stop work’ notice and force you to abandon the project till the necessary approvals are obtained. To avoid any hassles, it is better to hire a building inspector.

And if your designs do not adhere to the rules set by the local authorities, you may have to redo the entire project. That is why it is so important to get the necessary approvals before you begin the construction work.

The Benefits Of Building Approvals

Apart from the legal considerations, there are other benefits too of having the necessary approvals for a building.