The Importance of a Funeral Director

Death is part of life and it happens every day everywhere. Although it is expected, it is often happens unpredictably. A funeral is a very sensitive time when relations and friends of the deceased are grieving hence there is need for a funeral director to help during this difficult time.

A funeral director plays a crucial role in ensuring that the funeral is properly managed. It includes practical organization, support, as well as guidance to the deceased’s family, and coordinating with various other organizations and services in this regard.

Once you discuss your wishes, a funeral director will make plans for the funeral you want. He will take the responsibility for organizing every part of the event and ensure that it is delivered to optimal professional standards. You can visit for more information.

The funeral director will normally take a cue from your instructions as follows:


Prior to the funeral

  • Transporting the deceased to the funeral home, or alternatively, helping you in case you prefer the deceased to remain at home before the funeral.
  • Providing related facilities to allow for the viewing of the body before the funeral takes place.
  • Obtaining the cause of death of the deceased and where applicable, cremation certificates from the treating doctor or from the hospital
  • Handling all the necessary paperwork, which include completing lodgement of death registration form with the relevant authorities.
  • Obtaining original certified death certificate from the relevant authorities for later use by the family of the deceased or solicitor
  • Putting death notifications in local and/or national newspapers, as well as online

 The Importance of a Funeral Director

  • Making sure that the funeral arrangements reflect your wishes and those of the deceased
  • Making arrangements for any musical requests or other special tributes
  • Making proper arrangements for funeral vehicles and for catering services at your preferred venue after the funeral
  • Making appropriate arrangements for Order of Service sheets at the funeral service
  • Placing orders for floral tributes as well as accepting and taking care of the floral tributes delivered to the premises of the deceased before the funeral
  • Suggesting a range of coffins and caskets to fit a range of budgets as well as personal choice
  • Accepting various contributions, in person or online for a designated charity instead of flowers on your behalf

After the funeral is over

  • Assisting you to make arrangements for ashes to be strewn or preserved in a memorial casket after a cremation
  •  The funeral director also makes arrangements for ‘thank you’ or obituary cards
  • Where applicable, making arrangements for the deceased or the cremated ashes to be transferred to another part of the country or repatriated overseas.