Soap Crusts and Hair Tufts

The scum from soaps and detergents settles down on the inner surface of the shower drain that builds up and solidifies with passage of time. Although the scum from soaps may lead to only a partial blockage, it is nevertheless is a very widespread cause for choking up shower drains.

The soapy deposits narrow down the internal diameter restricting smooth flow. Once the total drainage space gets diminished, the likelihood of small tufts or strands of hair, caps of shampoo and conditioner bottles, hair clips and other small objects getting wedged inside the pipe increases.

Other objects

Very often small playthings and toys, hair bands and clips, and a multiplicity of other small items, mineral deposits, hair clusters, and soap crusts can in unison cause a total jamming of the shower drain. Oftentimes, a toy like a yo-yo instead of completely going through the drain can get lodged inside the scaly deposit hindering water flow.

Shower leakages

A leaking shower is a routine problem and quite often you’re not able to tell where exactly the leakage is. It could be that the leakage is due to a defective shower component. Sometimes mineral deposits resulting from continuous hard water supply can corrode or abrade the inner surface of the shower drain causing seepage.

There could be other problems like temperature fluctuations or pressure variations in the water coming to your shower because of corroded water pipes or a poor water supply. Whatever be your shower drain issue, it is always advisable to contact emergency plumbers Canberra, get their quotes, and hire them as they can sort out your problem.