Skip Bins Useful Tips

Skip bins or rubbish skips are huge open topped containers that are extensively used for disposing various types of commercial, industrial or household waste in bulk. If you’re thinking of hiring a skip for regularly clearing out the garbage in your residential or office complex that accumulates over the entire week, then you can contact any of the numerous rubbish bin hire services.

Some useful tips

If you’re renting a skip for the first time, you might be in a quandary about what size would be the right fit for your waste removal needs. You’d need to find a balance between the perfect size and the most cost-effective alternative available. Skip bin hire firms would usually recommend you to go for the larger one if you’ve have narrowed down your choice to two sizes but can’t proceed thereafter. The service provider is not allowed to cart away a skip that is filled to the brim.

Most renters of dumpsters tend to select a small size for the sake of economy that falls short of requirements. It usually turns out that the skip vat is overfilled when the company sends a truck for loading the skip. Since cartage of overloaded skip bins is illegal the only option left is to offload the extra garbage before transportation.

A skip is said to be overfilled or overloaded when the accumulating garbage crosses the lip or the rim that is clearly marked. You’d have to make a separate arrangement for removing the additional rubbish or hire another skip! So you’d be better off hiring a large size rather than renting two small ones.