Signing the Tenancy Agreement

Methods of payment is the most important part of your tenancy agreement. So look through this carefully. Check whether you need to pay an advanced rent before moving in and how much you have to pay for the bond amount. You should also clarify the time of payment so that you don’t have to go through any late fee penalty. Would the landlord accept credit or debit cards?

Generally, the bond amount is refunded to you when you leave the apartment. But is there any condition which disqualifies you form this refund? These are important questions which you need to confirm.

Other things to note

  • Are your parking charges included in your rent or do you need to get a special permit?
  • Is the apartment provided with gas or with electricity as a medium of heating or cooking?
  • Are telephone networks readily available for use?
  • Will cable lines for television be available?
  • Does the apartment provide air conditioning?
  • Are pets allowed within the property? If yes, is there any extra payment to be made or any extra clauses to be added to the agreement?
  • Is the cost of utility items like water, gas or electricity included within the rent?

You should clarify the rules of maintaining the garden or lawn areas since they are known to have been the root of many disputes between landlord and tenants. Real estate agents might help you figure out other minute conditions associated with the maintenance section. Property management Manly can help you maintain your estate properties. Contact them now.

There are many other little minute sections of the rental agreement that might cause you trouble later on if you don’t take care of them at the very beginning. So it is advisable that you consult real estate agents in order to get an expert opinion on this matter.