Shared Parenting

Statistics overwhelmingly reveal that children in single parent households (usually with mothers) are subject to maximum abuse. On the other hand, children in shared parental set ups were at lower risk of physical abuse and torture than intact families.

Shared parenting shifts the onus of child support to mothers

This again is another myth that has been propagated by male bashing feminists. Shared parenting in fact, works out to be more expensive for the regular father than an agreement where the child stays exclusively with one parent.

Shared parenting means the father too has to keep ready separate beds/bedrooms, toys, clothes wardrobe, computers, and other sundry items in his home that calls for considerable investments. Everyday costs are also borne more by fathers.

Fathers also have to take leave from their workplaces to care for their children resulting in reduced incomes. The upshot of it all is that fathers not only contribute more financially in shared parenting but also lend emotional and psychological support.

Children of divorced parents follow a shuttling lifestyle

This is again another myth that has been convincingly refuted by family lawyers. Since family attorneys and solicitors are inextricably involved in litigation cases relating to child custody, they have observed from experience that children in shared parenting pacts spend at least two days with their fathers every fortnight which is identical to conventional arrangements.

Irrespective of the verdicts relating to child custody, most of the children still lived entirely with their mothers. Had these regulations been legally binding, you’d have at least 50% of the judges’ verdicts to be followed in letter and spirit i.e. both the parents would have worked out an arrangement for equivalent time sharing.