School Excursions on a Budget

One cannot underestimate the value of school excursions organised for students. These excursions are designed to help children observe and learn things outside their normal class routine. However, with budget cuts and lack of funds, organizing school excursions could be a difficult task. This article looks at some simple tips to make them both fun and affordable.

For schools having a cash crunch, fundraising can be a useful tool for various reasons. It is a great way for schools to raise money to help pay for the next excursion – even if you don’t raise a lot of money, perhaps you might raise enough for the lunches of the children or enough to pay the driver. Another reason to organize a fundraising event is that it plays a crucial part in getting the local community involved and interested in the school activities. It also helps in creating a network that could be of assistance for projects or activities in future. Lastly, they’re the perfect platform to showcase the knowledge, talent, and innovation of students that you foster. Also, think of what kind of event you want to organize. For example, if the school excursion has to do something with history, you could probably stage a historical play and charge visitors or parents to attend the show. This will also get students involved in various aspects of theatre. You could also get the press involved in promoting the fundraising event for School excursions NSW.

Hiring a bus and a driver could be a costly affair. To keep the cost down, it’s better to find a company that hires out buses/vans without drivers and find someone you know or a parent who has a valid licence to drive a bus. If it isn’t a big group of students, teachers could use their personal cars to take them on the trip, compared to hiring a minibus, this is more economical.

The most important thing to do when organizing a school excursion is to ask for favours. More often than not, local authorities have a budget kept aside for programmes involving development of school children. So if your trip is expensive but important, sending them an application citing the reasons and importance of the trip could help. Various businesses around your school might also be willing to help out, if a word about their kindness/generosity is noted in a news article about the excursion. These businesses could also be interested in sponsoring the trip, if it is presented to them as a golden marketing opportunity. So, it’s a win-win situation.