Role of a Chef

It is the chef’s duty to recruit and dismiss kitchen staff, according to business needs. He oversees practically all activities in the kitchen. Nothing is beyond his jurisdiction; he allocates duties ranging from basic cleaning jobs to the presentation of a dish. He ensures that the staff members abide by all safety regulations.

The chef lays down stringent rules for kitchen activity, to meet high standards of health and hygiene. He sees that all the staff members are in their proper kitchen attire in their workplace. The authority carried by the chef uniform ensures that all rules are obeyed. If a staff member has a problem regarding his work in the kitchen, the chef addresses it.

Preparing the Dish

The chef is very involved in the preparation of each dish in his kitchen. He sets down the recipes for each item on the menu. If a customer has a special request regarding an item, he ensures that the staff complies with the request. If there is staff shortage, the chef lends a helping hand in preparing a customer’s order.

Ensures Service

The food must not just taste good; it must be impeccably served too. It is the business of the chef to see to it. The chef ensures that the table crockery, cutlery and the napkins are correctly placed.

Responding to Work Pressure

The chef must have an infinite capacity to respond to a sudden surge in workload, with efficiency. He should possess remarkable intuitive powers arising out of experience, to anticipate increased footfall in the restaurant on special occasions.

Ensures Customer Satisfaction

It is the prime duty of the chef, to see that the customer is happy with the food and the service.