Removing stains on Chef Uniforms

Treatment for stains depends on the nature of the stain. If it is an acid based stain like coffee or tomato sauce, vinegar is the best medicine. Soak the stain in white vinegar for about ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly and watch your stain disappear. For other kind of stains, you can use the special stain remover gels available in the market.

While using these gels, ensure that you saturate the stained area completely. Never soak your work clothes such as your chef hats and chef pants with any colored clothes in the washing machine. Otherwise, the clothing will experience cross staining.

Patches of color from other clothes are extremely difficult to remove from a white surface. It’s best to soak the chef uniforms separately in lukewarm water in the washing machine and then rinse it for a whole cycle.

Try to pull out the uniform or chef hats out of the machine while it’s still damp and then put it on tumble dry for approximately 15 minutes. Keep these simple tips in mind and you can be sure that your chefs uniforms will make you proud.

Every chef’s goal is to satisfy their customers with the food they prepared and cook. Besides the skills acquired in culinary courses, the success of every chef greatly depends on the kind of kitchen he has. That is to have all the equipment a chef needs in the kitchen. Often times restaurant owners is unable to purchase all the kitchen equipment all at the same time, that is why Kitchen equipment rental becomes the solution.

It is necessary to keep the kitchen clean at all times despite how busy it could get. Most restaurant have their own skip bins for rubbish disposal. However, during events there may not be enough rubbish disposal system available.