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If you are not a big player, who can afford to spend millions of dollars into advertisements and propaganda, there is another equally efficient way, which can cost you less than a hundred dollars and still put you in a very stable position for advertising; promotional pens. The name says it all. These are simple, cheap and commonplace stationary. Yet they are very effective and with your logo or name on the pen, chances that it gets noticed by many are very high. All you need to do is come to us, tell us the type of pen and number of units you need, and we shall provide you with everything. You also have the choice of distributing them whenever and wherever you want as pens are not perishable commodity. But keep in mind that these are a-must-have when attending trade shows and other important events to promote your company.

Word of mouth method of understanding is the most effective one. Having a marketing strategy is a sure way of getting that. A single person getting a gift pen and using it is sure to gather a lot of interest and many more are sure to follow. This method is the cheapest and most effective one, reports studies. An innovative pen, such as a light up pen is sure to interest any watcher and ultimately the talk turns to the pen’s donor and interest is created. It might also become a sought out gift by others.

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This also uses the psychological concept of indirect memory. A person, who sees your client using his pen often, is bound to notice the logo often, and the next time he sees a product with that logo, he is bound to buy it for sure. This concept can prove to be very useful when you are dealing with products that need to be sold quickly and you do not wish to spend much on advertising.

We also provide corporate promotional products with some contact of you; say your web address or mail address. These are very important things as they ensure that any interested party contacts you. A plumber or a barber may not be very well known in his locality but with this kind of a promotion, with a discount and address printed on it, he is more likely to get an increased customer rate due to positive propaganda.

To conclude, promotional pens from Australia are a great way to advertise, especially if you are a start up or a new businessman working on a limited budget. We give you the best prices and good quality pens for a very cheap rate and help you improve your market.

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