Pool Safety Inspection Tips

Children find it convenient to jump over the fence when there is a structure adjoining the fence such as a faucet, a light fitting or a low overhanging branch of a tree or a shrub. The children use it as a prop to get to the fencing and jump over.

So you should ensure that such structures or objects near the barricade are removed or installed at a distance of at least 900 mm from the pool.

In case, such an arrangement is not immediately possible, then see to it that they are properly covered with polycarbonate or paling material. Removing or keeping climbable objects out of bounds for children is a must during a pool fence inspections Brisbane.

Safety regulations for pool fences

Your pool fence or barrier needs to be at least 1200 mm above the ground level. The fencing must also be solid, durable, and robust. Make sure that gaps in the fencing are no more than 100 mm in circumference.

The spacing between the fence and the ground should not exceed 100 mm all around the barricade. If you have a garden bed around your pool, it might make the ground level uneven. So you’ll need to level your garden bed so that the mandatory height of 1200 mm is maintained all around the barricade.

You should also bear in mind that you’ll needing the services of a certified professional for a complete pool safety inspection in case you want pool fencing with a height of 2.5 meters throughout.   

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