Planning a Children’s Theme Party

Take into account every detail such as the party menu, décor, games and favours. Start planning and shopping at least a month before as you may have to place advance orders for several items. Put everything you buy into a big carton so that all paraphernalia are easily accessible on the big day. Involve your child if she is old enough or at least listen to her ideas on themes if she is too young to offer suggestions. Give her a few options that you find affordable and doable and ask her to select from these. Select games and party favours keeping in mind the age of the invitees. Musical chair is a good game for young kids while older ones love breaking a piñata or making party poppers.

Selecting the Party Day and Time

Usually, both parents and children are less occupied over the weekend so this is a good time to host a party where even parents can attend if the kids are too young. For older children, you can always plan an after-school party. If serving complete meals, start the party by 12 noon or 6pm in the evening. If serving only cake and snacks, plan the party at least hour before or after traditional meal times.

Planning the Theme

When it comes to themes, your child’s imagination can really run wild so it’s best to sit down with him and discuss a few viable options. While selecting a theme, do keep in mind your budget; age of the guests; easy availability of décor items and other paraphernalia; space available and ease of installation and dismantling. You will not want to go ahead with a theme that will leave you too tired to enjoy the party or too broke. You can also hire a photo booth to entertain the guest.