Patenting Services Offered by Patent Trademark Attorneys

Patent trademark attorneys will counsel on your invention’s patentability, the patent filing process and strategies, and in patent searching. He’ll assist you in the groundwork required for patent specifications and illustrations in fields as diverse as life sciences, electrical, IT, softwares, mining technologies, pharmaceuticals, packaging technologies, and applied chemistry.

He’ll file the application on your behalf after fulfilling all the legal formalities.

He’ll also help you in the prosecution of your application till the time you receive the grant, offer advice on patent infringement, pay patent renewal fees, and manage your patent portfolio on an overall basis. He oversees and updates you on the patent applications by your competitors.


If you are into the business of manufacturing, supplying, distributing or selling a product or service, you must be using a trademark(s) for the same. A trademark gives a discrete identity to your good or service and differentiates your product from other similar items that are available.

For instance, if you’re producing a weight loss supplement, you must be using some words as a stock-phrase, or a crest or insignia which demarcates your produce from other weight loss products in the market.

A trademark is a distinctive badge that helps consumers to recognize your product or service and also encourages you to adhere to certain quality parameters for the purpose of establishing brand loyalty.

You can acquire a trademark under the purview of common law rights or by filing an application for registration in the trademarks bureau of your region. Although, it is not mandatory to register your trademark, you should consult Patent Trademark attorney who can guide on your trademark’s registrability and help process an application, especially if your product enjoys a high degree of goodwill in the market.