Parts of the car where a car signage can be installed

A car signage is great for getting a business name in and around the city as this will not only identify and link the car with the business but will also provide details that will be needed for potential customers to use should they wish to avail of their product or service. Often times, there are specific parts of the car body a car wraps can be applied otherwise a full wrap is used. Here are three common parts of the car body where these are usually installed.


Doors are common parts of the car where a car signage can be installed. Doors cover most of the car body and this will guarantee a good view of the signage for the general public. To make this more interesting, the designer can take advantage of this to create illusions or clever phrases which is still related to the client’s business when the door is opened. A signage installed on the doors is a usual sight as some companies opt for a more visible signage without utilizing the full body of the car.


Back window

The back window is another part of the car where a car signage can be placed. When the back window is used, this allows a one-way vision of the window; those who are sitting inside the car can see beyond the window but those looking at the back window from the inside cannot see the side of the car. Back windows are often good for really catching a potential customer’s attention as this will pique a person’s curiosity. This can also be beneficial as those who will be seated at the back seat as the car signage will be given a partial protection from the sun.

Full body

A full-bodied car wrapped in a signage is a definite attention grabber when the company car is out and about in town. Imagine a car driving by with nearly every inch of it covered in bold colors and bearing the bright designs of the company logo. It certainly would not grab anyone’s attention for nothing! When clients choose to use a full-bodied car wrap, the whole car is enveloped in a car signage from top to bottom including the hood. The windows may or may not be included but that may depend on what the client and the designer has agreed on.

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