Not A Place To Raise Your Kids

When life leads you in that time tested direction to settle down and raise a family you will have dreams about the perfect house in the perfect neighbourhood. White picket fences and tee ball practice. A mortgage that your family can afford with a beautiful view. If this is the image that you had for your most wonderful life then looking for cheap houses for sale Pattaya is not the ideal option for you.

Noisy overhead cables cross over filthy streets to disturb any moment of silence possibly microwaving you and your loved ones. If the white noise of buzzing electricity does not bother you perhaps the noise from motorcycles parked up and down both sides of the sidewalks will when they rev their engines at night on their ways to the various nightlife hotspots. Looking for a condo in Pattaya? If you are searching for cheap houses for sale Pattaya you must first ask yourself if you are comfortable having your little ones yelled at as they walk down the street from prostitutes day and night.

No sir, this is not a nice place for a family. Racism is openly accepted and portrayed everywhere. This careless attitude of segregating people based on their color or nationality is not a trait that most want handed down to their children and I can only assume that you wouldn’t either. Finding cheap houses for sale Pattaya won’t be a problem for you in your quest but it will come at a much more lasting cost if you decide to move your family here.

Nightlife is a booming industry in Pattaya and it rivals many other cities. This is a perfect fit for a young college student perhaps but not a mother and father with children. Your sons and daughters will grow up in a world where prostitution is how so many thrive and alcohol fuels the city. Fighting is commonplace in public settings. Violence is not a good atmosphere for children to thrive in. Foul gases passed by folks and not concerned with their appearance, no these are not visuals and experiences meant for the faint of heart.

Though Pattaya has many beautiful areas the overall atmosphere is quite brutal. When you are looking for cheap houses for sale Pattaya consider what you may be getting you and your family into because the outcomes could be quite disastrous for young minds. Move on from this destination and give it a visit when the kids are all grown up and out of the house.