New Home Checklist

Talk with Home Builders in the Sunshine Coast on how you can make your home a comfortable living zone both during the summer and winter. Will you be able to add extra doors or windows to make allowances for cooling or heating and also for ventilation? Will your ceiling be elevated enough so that you install fans that’ll help to reduce your energy bills?

The rooms in your house

Discuss with your Builders Moranbah regarding the layout of your living room. Will it be constructed in a manner so that you don’t feel stuffy during summer or shiver in winter? Can the windows be opened in a way to let in sunlight or cool breezes?

Are the kitchen and bathroom easily accessible from your drawing room? Does your kitchen have an effective garbage disposal system? Will your kitchen or bathroom dry up quickly after use? Is the ventilation system proper in all the rooms? Have you talked with the house builders regarding use of eco-friendly and space saving bathroom and kitchen fixtures?

Appliances and lighting fixtures

Have you chosen energy efficient lighting fixtures, refrigerator, microwave, home theatre system, washing machine, and other home appliances? Does enough natural light play in your home? Is your rooftop north facing so that you can install a solar geyser? Ask Commercial roof painting if you’d be able to spin your plan without unduly straining your budget.

There are other aspects like colours, floorings, and outdoor living that you’d need to factor while zeroing in on your dream home.

Alignment or arrangement

This attribute will focus on the type and composite structure of your dwelling unit. Are you going to buy a condominium in a large residential complex or you’d prefer a standalone single family home?

Does your home have a patio or enough ideal space for adding a porch and making modifications in future? Will it have enough storage space?

Don’t forget to install a security alarm system in your new home!


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