Methods for Bamboo Floor Installation

The same way there are two sides to a story, two sides to a coin and various aspects to a Rubik’s cube is the same way there are various bamboo floor installation methods. The best method for bamboo floor installation depends on the choice of the installer but they all have their pros as well as cons. When these pros and cons are weighed against each other, the most likely to cause problems will be eliminated while the least likely to be stressful would be gone for. The methods are:

  1. Floating Floor – This involves the use of a high density underlay that is thin. The boards made of bamboo are not glued to the sub flooring instead, the gluing is done along the grooves. This method is often applied to lower quality woods and is most used by individuals engaging in DIY. Although this method is relatively easy when compared with others like the direct stick, it is noisier to walk on and susceptible to damage caused by water.


  1. Acoubond – In a bid to reduce the impact of noise transfer from higher levels to lower level living areas, the Acoubond method was derived. Also, legislations made by Australian building codes states that dwellings with multiple floors must have sound absorption or sound proofed panels. This method is not for the DIY individual as it is tricky and requires experience. This method involves laying the bamboo boards over a 5mm foam mat, with slots cut out for the application of triangular beads of Sika T53.


  1. Direct Stick – most home builders and construction sites use this method for bamboo floor installation. This method results in a less noisy walk area as the sound of an individual walking can hardly be heard. The boards are glued directly to the sub flooring by impacting the glue on the floor and smoothening it out. This lasts longer as the glue holds them together for a long period of time.


  1. Battens – Battens are between 10-12mm thick and 38-40mm wide. This method is not often used for bamboo but for timber. The bamboo floor boards are fixed using glue and nail to the Battens them the battens are fixed to the concrete or subflooring.


Each method has their own benefits and cons. So it is better for the homeowner to conduct research on any method chosen by the constructor. If the bamboo floor installation is meant to be DIY then research is needed so as to get a feel of what is to be done and which one better suits a novice.

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