Making & Materials of Security Screens

A variety of materials go into the making of security screens. For a security screen door, apart from the standard set of materials used, one of the extras that sets it apart is the grille made of cast iron or other kinds of strong materials. This entirely prohibits any break in through either the screen-mesh or even the strong glass panels, which have the device protecting them. The grilles fixed in the doors are usually seen as an aesthetic decorative measure, but they are actually manufactured keeping security standards in mind.

The security doors that are designed not keeping the appearance as the focus usually are made of a set of bars bound tightly together. A special kind of hinge is also used to ensure that the grille is not disengaged from the door-frame easily.

The Screen-Mesh

The mesh used in the Security screens installed in doors and windows is made from a mix of materials. The manufacturing varies due to the structure and design of the door. The security mesh is usually made of thicker strands, making it practically very difficult for anything or anyone to break through the door.

The mesh is constructed on intensely strong materials, which means that if an intruder successfully breaks the grille somehow, he would have to use a greater deal of effort to do the same with the security mesh.

The Locks

The locks of doors with security screens are of exemplary quality. The materials used are strong hardware. The locking mechanism is understandably completely different from other standard locks.  While some doors have single-slide locking system, most doors are equipped with button-press locking systems.