Luxury Features that Our Norfolk Island Family Accommodation Has

If you love to experience a vacation where you will be able to fully enjoy the benefits that we have for you, then take note that our Norfolk Island family accommodation has a lot of inclusions to guarantee for your needs. We have a wide variety of features such as free tours, mealtimes, and even your fare is already included in the package. Aside from that, you an also experience an extremely accommodation vacations here with the help of our luxury package where you can enjoy a decent life in paradise with a temporary home.

The features of our luxury accommodation is all based on the parts of the room that you will be getting, and you will surely feel relaxed upon your stay in here. Here are the following features of our luxury accommodation in the peaceful island:

Fully Furnished Living Room

What will surely make you feel accommodated upon your first time you enter on your rented room is the living room. It’s fully furnished with a decent couch, some lights and lampshades, a lot of decorations that are inspired by the locals in the island, as well as a television so then you can spend your idle time without boredom.


The kitchen will help you with all your needs if you want to cook some food. It’s a fully equipped kitchen with utensils so then you can utilize all of its features especially if you have a recipe in mind to make. It also has its own fridge so then you can keep your food supplies for the following days to come.


An elegant bathroom is present for you to keep your self comfortable and completely clean. The bathroom itself is fully cleaned for every visitor that will visit the place, and the staff will even clean it hours before you arrive so then you will just go ahead and feel comfortable with the whole place. It has a bathtub, shower, a repaired toilet, as well as shelves to put your toiletries in it.

A Large Bedroom

In order to guarantee you the utmost comfort when in the luxury accommodation, note that we also have a large bedroom for you to enjoy. It also has its own television for your entertainment, a queen to king sized bed depending on your desired accommodation, and it’s guaranteed to be spacious. The next feature is also located at the other door in this very room.


To make you feel more relaxed during your idle time, especially if you want to look at the wide array of stars in the island, we also have a balcony resting on the bedroom once you exit at the other door on it. Rest assured that you will feel the fresh salty breeze of the seaside, and you will appreciate a very nice view of nature during the day as well.

These features are all guaranteed inside the ocean view accommodation Norfolk Island that you will be getting if you want a more luxurious way to enjoy this lovely paradise in the Southern Pacific. Just book your accommodation now so then you can finally get these awesome features right away.