Kinds of Products People Buy Online from the USA to Australia

Traditional retail shops have experienced a beating with the rapid popularization of e stores and the increasing tendency of shoppers to use their mobile phones and laptops to buy things. Consumer research shows that Australians consider USA as one of their best shopping destinations. The amount of money invested in shipping companies who fringe in cargo from the land of the big Apple is enough proof of that. Here is a detailed look into what Australians are really buying online.

Music, C.Ds and DVD

Australians seem to be a lot into foreign music as indicated by the market research. Travel vouchers, printed items and music items were the most frequently occurring purchases. Almost 36% of the Australian population aged over 14 have made a purchase regarding tickets and accommodation bookings. Print material like books, special edition magazines, technical journals and white papers were next in line due to the high volume of purchases. The next category in line is music C.D.s mostly by all American brands or instrumental music. An estimated 19% of Australians pay money to download music from the Internet.

Groceries and household supplies

Groceries are imported to Australia through E bay, Waltmart and other e-shopping forums and e-auction sites. Packaged items like tuna, sardines, mushrooms as well as consumables like peanut butter, mars bars, toblerone and pickles are also imported as Australian pantries seem to have demand for these items. Wines, liquor chocolates were next in line for the position of the highest purchased items from USA to Australia.

You can also shop online for electronic items and transport it through sea freight. You just need to provide proper address. Do not make any mistakes while writing the address and contact number of the recipient along with the postal code. Also remember to write your personal details like name, contact number and address on the outer and inner side of the package for easy transaction. Before sending the parcel on ship make sure you have completed all the documentations proper and have received a proper receipt from the company for the charges you have paid.

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